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Dunlop Flat Capo for nylonstrengsgitar
Modellbetegnelse: 14FD Flat
Tilgjengelige:  1 i lager
kr. 145,-
Dunlop Proff Capo for flatt gripebrett, Nylonstrengsgitar, Nikkel.
Modellbetegnelse: 84FN (6) Trigger Capo Flat
Tilgjengelige:  Bestillingsvare
kr. 295,-
Dunlop Trigger Capo Buet, Nickel
Modellbetegnelse: 83CN
Tilgjengelige:  Bestillingsvare
kr. 295,-
G7 Nashville 6 String Silver Capo
Modellbetegnelse: G7thNA
Tilgjengelige:  3 i lager
kr. 259,-
G7 Nashville Classical Silver Capo
Modellbetegnelse: G7thNACC
Tilgjengelige:  2 i lager
kr. 265,-
G7 Performance2 Capo til westerngitarer
Modellbetegnelse: G7TH Western Capo
Tilgjengelige:  3 i lager
 G7th Performance 2 6 String Silver


Since the launch of the company in 2004, G7th has repeatedly raised the bar in capo design and development.

The original Performance capo set a completely new standard in style and performance, consistently winning the gold medal for Best Capo in the coveted Players Choice Awards* every year since 2005!

But we never stand still. In response to requests from guitarist friends 2014 saw the launch of the all-new G7th Performance 2


The Performance 2 is so easy to use - simply squeeze on and squeeze off. It can be moved seamlessly from fret to fret, or guitar to guitar.


This is key to your guitars tuning stability. You intuitively squeeze the capo to set the minimum tension needed to fret cleanly. Just like playing a barre chord.


As on all G7th capos, the inert silicone wrap around rubber and internal G7th design features eliminate deadening of tone and avoid metal to wood contact on your guitar neck.

Faster and easier to use. Flipping the internal clutch mechanism through 180 gives the Performance 2 its unique squeeze on, squeeze off one-handed action.

25% smaller. Its new slimmed down shape is much lower profile than the original model.

33% lighter. Some players found the original quite heavy. You dont notice the Performance 2 on your guitar neck.

Choosing G7th means less time positioning your capo and retuning your guitar. Great on stage and in the studio! You get to focus on your music, not on your capo
kr. 419,-
Ibanez Capo western & electric
Modellbetegnelse: IGCZ10
Tilgjengelige:  2 i lager
kr. 120,-
Fant 7 treff