TRIAX Multiswitch med SM nettdel, 2 sat.pos+1terr 8 brukere - Clear view Elektronikk
TRIAX Multiswitch med SM nettdel, 2 sat.pos+1terr 8 brukere

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Modellbetegnelse TMP Multiswitch 9x8
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Triax TMP 9x series multiswitches
All subscribers are equal!
- but until now, some were more equal than others

The TMP 9x Series is an excellent solution to the dilemma in many stand-alone multi switch installations: The more users/subscribers you want to supply from one multi switch, the longer and different the cables will be.

One system, many subscribers.
TMP units with 24 or 32 subscriber outputs has a feature to compensate for long, medium and short subscriber lines. This is settable in groups of four output lines using a slide switch for 0, 6 and 12 dB attenuation (long, medium, short).

This gives you the best of two worlds: Compact design, one unit for many subscribers even with long and short cables and different cable losses.

Easy adjustments.
All TMP multi switches feature an attenuator for each polarity, which enables you to secure a uniform level no matter where the multi switch is placed.
Near or far away from the dish and LNB, the same switch can be used.

Save the environment.
The TMP Series has a switch mode power supply = minimum power consumption, and low power dissipation.

Versions for 8, 12, 16, 24 and 32 subscriber outputs
Slide switch for long, medium and short range
Adjustable attenuator per polarity (0-15 dB)
Low Power consumption
Compact design, fits into tight spaces
8 satellite polarities and 1 terrestrial input, combined output.

Technical specifications
EAN-number 5702663016309
Number of inputs 8 SAT, 1 TER
Number of outputs 8
Connectors F connector
Frequency range SAT 950 - 2150 MHz
Frequency range TER 47 - 862 (VHF/UHF) MHz
Gain SAT 10 dB
Gain Ter 15 dB
Insertion loss SAT 3.0 dB
Insertion loss TER 3.0 dB
Isolation TER-SAT 32 dB
Isolation SAT-TER 32 dB
Isolation out-out SAT 30 dB
Isolation out-out TER 30 dB
Return loss SAT inputs 10 dB
Return loss SAT outputs 10 dB
Return loss TER inputs 10 dB
Return loss TER outputs 10 dB
Output level SAT at -35dB IMD3 100 dBV
Output level TER at -60dB IMD 95 dBV
Slope 10 dB
Line power current (switched TER) 50 mA
Line power voltage (switched TER) 12 V
LNB power supply max. 600 mA
Switching commands khz 13 V - 22 kHz / 18 V - 22 kHz, DiSEqC 2.0
Switching commands VDC 13 / 18 V
Power supply voltage 180-264 (47-63 Hz) V/AC
Dimensions (H x D x W) 157 x 51 x 190 mm