Instrumentkabel 1×0,5mm- Silverline


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High end instrumentkabel i Silverline-serien.1×0,5mm, ytre diameter 6,5mm

High-end audio- and guitar cable SCHULZ-Kabel presents the highlight of its cable production Silverline cables.

Use from now on the advantages of this very professional solution for your sound. The silver plated cores have a very linear frequenzy in their whole audio range. With the very clearly highs and basses you get a much better sound on every performance. If used on stage or in studio, SILVERLINE is always the first choice.

The very solid, but flexible braided shield is made from 160 single cores with a size of only 0,1mm diameter. This guarantees a coverage of nearly 98%. An additional shield is made from a conductive TPE material. The outside sheet material is new PVC with nature caoutchouc.

This all guarantees a high flexibility of the cable and a long-life product to you.

•Core 1 x 0,5 mm²
•outside diameter 6,5 mm appr.
•capacitance core/shield + / – 86 pF