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ADX-800 LINK is a DI-Box (Direct Injection Box) that converts up to two unbalanced audio signals (e.g. electric and / or acoustic guitars and basses, line signals such as guitar preamps, keyboards, multi-effects, computers, etc.) in balanced signals with XLR connections. This allows not only to attenuate the interferences that normally the unbalanced cables collect in the medium-long distances, but also acts as a splitter with a maximum of 3 outputs for Channel1 (2 XLR outputs + 1 balanced ¼” TRS Jack). It can be powered either by the supplied power adapter, or through the + 48V Phantom power coming from the mixer. It is equipped with a 3-position input attenuator (0dB, 20dB, 40dB) – to adapt the preamp stage to all types of signals – and the lift ground switch, very useful in case of ground loop. ADX-800 LINK is essentially an indispensable tool on stage, in the rehearsal room and recording studio to solve problems for musicians, DJs and sound engineers.

2 Channels DI-Box Operation
1 Channel Splitter function with max 3 Outputs
TRS 1/4” Jack Outputs
Balanced XLR Outputs
0/20/40dB Attenuation
Operable via external Power Adapter (supplied) or external Phantom Power
Ground Loop selector